Some of Australia’s best mountain biking trails are nestled within the region. Melrose, Orroroo, Booleroo Centre, Laura and Jamestown are some of the locations where you can get the mountain bike out for an off road adventure. Trails are designed for various skill levels, with the black diamond runs guaranteed to test the skills of the most battle ready mountain bikers. There is plenty of single track and downhill riding to get your teeth into – push your comfort zone and try them out!

BMX and freestylers can strut their stuff at the incredible facilities around the region. BMX and pump tracks can be found at Booleroo Centre, Wilmington and Wirrabara and there are jumps bowls at Port Pirie, Jamestown and Melrose.

Up for more adventure? Why not experience the long distance challenge of the Mawson Trail? This famous cycling trail extends from Blinman (northern Flinders Ranges) through to Adelaide in the south. Ride a section, tackle it all for an epic challenge or spread out the journey by taking on a different section every trip. The Mawson Trail treats riders to the rugged landscape of the outback and northern Flinders Ranges through the gentle rolling hills of the Southern Flinders Ranges. If you are tired of riding, take the time to walk along the Heysen Trail, which also traverses the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Melrose Mountain Biking

Bike Elysium! Trails out of the town in the foothills of Mount Remarkable! There are some trails already famous like Greener Pastures and Hellrose with EDGE LOOP and Throwing Copper new connections for some. Riding mountain bikes on Don and Margaret McCallum’s property is a privilege, so please treat the trail, livestock and environment with respect and care. Enjoy with a hint of adrenalin and a tincture of rosemary followed with a deep red Shiraz. Watch out for the roos, they are numerous and have been know to hitch a ride..

Melrose Trail Cycling Track

Melrose, at the base of Mount Remarkable, lays claim to being the oldest town in the Flinders Ranges, tracing its origins back to 1853.
The railway line started in Gladstone, opened 2nd June 1884, and continued through rural towns including Laura, Stone Hut, Wirrabara, Yandiah, Booleroo Centre, Perroomba, Melrose, Terka and Wilmington. From Melrose, the line turned slightly from west towards north, crossed the Main North Road then the Willochra Creek heading towards Wilmington.

Bundaleer & Jamestown Cycling


The 33 km Bundaleer Trail loops from Jamestown to Bundaleer Forest, and onto the Mawson Trail, then returns via a Sugar Gum plantation at the north of the forest. Bundaleer Forest’s picnic grounds provide a perfect lunch stop.
Category 1 (Easy)


The Mannanarie Cycle Trail takes cyclists from the plains of the southern Flinders Ranges through the Mannanarie agricultural district to Mount Lock.
Two routes are offered (55km and 54km loops), both departing from and returning to Jamestown.
Category 3 (Advanced)


The road network surrounding Jamestown provides undulating roads to test your speed and get your heart pumping and steep hill climbs to test your stamina. Just plan your ride, keep to the left and enjoy the scenery!

Wirrabara Cycling & Mountain Biking


Located along the edge of the Wirrabara township you will find this Category 1 (Easy) cycling trail suitable for any bike. Great scenic trail full of local history and sights.

Distance: 12kms

The trail starts at the Wirrabara Forest Picnic Ground and included Marner’s sawmill site, charcoal pits, commercial forest and the Ippinitchie Campground. It also includes spur trails to the Wirrabara Forest Pioneer Cemetery and the King Tree. The entire circuit provides and excellent forest experience.

Distance: 7kms

This trail starts at the Wirrabara Forest Picnic Ground and includes sections of trail through native forest and pine plantations as well as good views over the forest in a number of locations.

Orroroo Cycling


The cycling tracks at Bendleby Ranges are a combination of existing 4WD tracks and dedicated cycling trails. 180 km of trails – ranging from easy family riding to exhilarating downhill tracks.

You will ride through pine and gum creek areas, amongst the natural bush and wildlife of the Flinders Ranges, with views of the region – north to Wilpena, South to Black Rock, east towards Broken Hill and west to the Oladdie Hills.

Some of the existing 4WD tracks are being graded to International Mountain Bike standards and will have appropriate signage.

New Cycling Trail

A new track has been designed for cyclists only and begins at The Oval campsite. There is a rest area at the Solly’s Well end of the 10 km trail.

Port Pirie to Napperby Cycling

The Port Pirie to Napperby Cycle Track is one of a series of cycling trails around the Southern Flinders Ranges. This trail is designed for mountain bike enthusiasts and links the Southern Flinders Ranges regional city, Port Pirie, with the peaceful township of Napperby.

Booleroo Centre Cycling