I have been a member of SFTnT for several years, firstly as a representative of the Southern Flinders Olive Growers Association (SFOGA) and then as a member in my own right.

Having attended meetings for the SFOGA group I began to see the value of this group. The group is very focused on tourism in the area whether it is through food and wine or through tourism business (tours, accommodation, events). There are always agenda items to assist the region and raise its profile in South Australia.

I have found the networking with fellow foodies and tourist business operators invaluable. Since joining the group I have become an operator of a Bed & Breakfast and learnt so much from those who have travelled a similar path.
I believe taking the Southern Flinders Ranges to the rest of the state is necessary as we are a unique part of the state which needs promoting. Showcasing the Southern Flinders locally is also important, so locals know what is in their back yard.

SFTnT members have the ability to “on-sell and recommend” each other as we all learn about each other’s business eg. as a B&B owner I am able to suggest somewhere for my guests to go for dinner or activities because I have seen / learnt about it whilst at meetings.